Photo Packages

30 Minute Set: $125

5 edited photos

1 Hour Set: $250

10 edited photos

Video Packages

30 Minute Set: $125

3-5 raw video clips

1 Hour Set: $250

5-10 raw video clips

Combo Packages

30 Minute Set: $150

4 edited photos

2-3 raw video clips

1 Hour Set: $300

8 edited photos

3-6 raw video clips

High resolution photos and video clips (Media) will be delivered as a gallery within 24 hours and will be available for 30 days. Media may be used for general commercial purposes, such as web or print promotions. Media may not be made available for download, used for on-demand products, used in templates/logos, or sold to a third-party without written consent of the copyright holder. Alex Todd retains all ownership and copyright to the Media.